Parivahan Odisha: A Detailed Overview

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Parivahan Odisha: Transportation in the Eastern Indian State

Parivahan Odisha is a transformative initiative by the state government. It has improved transportation in Odisha.

Odisha is a state on India’s eastern coast. It has seen big progress in its transportation sector. The state is working to make its transportation better. This effort is under “Parivahan Odisha.” This program includes many measures and programs.

Parivahan Odisha Parivahan Odisha: A Detailed Overview

They aim to improve road safety and move goods, and passengers. They also aim to use technology to make the transportation system better. This article covers the many parts of Parivahan Odisha. This article is about its goals, successes, and future.

Background and Objectives of Parivahan Odisha

Parivahan Odisha is a wide initiative. The Government of Odisha launched it to update the state’s transport system. The aim of this initiative is multifaceted. Some include:

Enhancing Road Safety: Improving roads will reduce road accidents and deaths. We will also apply traffic laws more strictly and run public awareness campaigns.

This is about well-organized transportation. It’s about improving the network to ensure goods and passengers better movement. That will boost the state’s economy.

The Benefit of Technology: We use modern tech for better transportation services. This includes online platforms for vehicle registration, permit issuance, and other transport services.

Promoting Sustainable Transport means encouraging the use of eco-friendly transport options. This will reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable development.

Improving Public Transport: We will enhance the public transportation system. It will provide safe, reliable, and cheap transport options for Odisha people.


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